Thursday, July 15, 2010

Joining the Lutheran confession changed the life of this ex-Protestant in more ways than she can truly articulate. I shall, most certainly, be discovering the truth of this for the rest of my life. However, I was surprised to discover, as I began my journey, that three of the greatest gifts I have received since then are ones many of my Lutheran brothers and sisters do not share.

Reading Lutheran doctrine was like coming home to a place I never knew. For me, the Book of Concord is a source of encouragement, chastisement, instruction, and constant surprise in how relevant it is to me, some 500 years later. Naturally, I shared the wonder of such with those around me, reading bits aloud, quoting pieces at dinner and bible study, wherever the opportunity arose—or I else manufactured opportunities myself! Gradually I came to realize how many of my brothers and sisters had never read this treasure themselves or had left off studying it when their confirmation catechesis ended. As a former professor who lives her life more by pen than any other way, I set out to create a booklet that would help others know the joy that is the Book of Concord. Dare to Read is the result, with a general introduction, overview, and tips for approaching the study of this precious resource our Church fathers gave us.

It is my hope that soon this booklet will be followed by ones for praying the Psalter and private confession/absolution, for discovering the words of my heart amongst the prayers God gives us in the Psalter and experiencing the great exchange of holy absolution have brought equal joy and help sustain my faith in this wretched fallen world that fights against us all.